Midas Consoles

Scalable Sound’s sister company, Scale Abilities, has a long heritage in IT systems, networking and application development. We have fused this with our experience in the pro-audio business, to produce a technical tag team that can go deeper than anyone else. That’s why we are well positioned to achieve our goal to become the UK’s number one rental house for Midas digital consoles.

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One of the most powerful aspects of the Midas digital consoles is the concept of the digital audio network. This is unique to the Midas range, in contrast to the more simplistic point-to-point topologies used with other digital consoles. The digital audio network allows the placement of audio components to be determined by application rather than by physical limitation. Midas have implemented the network in a high bandwidth, 24/96 quality with full time alignment at any point on the network. This is crucial in the design and allows full flexibility in the same manner that analogue has afforded all these years, but with full digital signal quality over much larger distances.

Midas have produced a system that is fully-redundant, meaning that any single component can fail without interruption to the show, and one that is not overly complex to operate. Most importantly, it keeps the technical mumbo-jumbo away from the engineer, whose only concern is to make the show sound great and run smoothly. And that’s where we can add value – we can cross the boundaries between audio engineering and network engineering. If the engineer or the SE need help, we are here. If you need tour babysitting, we are here. And soon we hope to offer remote diagnostics for those get-out-of-jail moments at short notice.

If you’re in the market for Midas digital consoles, please get in touch and we will be happy to assist and tell you more about our extra goodness!

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